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Tom Ford is a freelance audio engineer/designer, composer and producer based in London, UK.


Since graduating with a first class degree in music from the University of York, Tom has worked with a range of clients on a diverse array of projects. To name a few, Tom has worked via outsourcer Sounding Sweet on the audio production and composition of radio stingers within  'Forza Horizon 3', orchestrated and arranged work for Pamela Tan-Nicholson and Vasko Vassilev, and works regularly as a music editor for the scores and archive CDs produced by the Royal Shakespeare Company.


Tom is also a highly qualified and experienced electric and classical guitar performer and tutor, teaching and performing both live and in session. His solo and band work within the popular music domain has had heavy rotation on national and international radio.


Tom offers online services in composition, production, mixing, arrangement and performance. To hear some of his work online, please click here, for further information regarding work or a project, please don't hesitate to get in touch here.